Bath Fringe Festival - Old Theatre Royal
One of the highlights of the Fringe at the OTR in 2014 was the event 20:20 Vision.
This playlet called ‘Stasis’ was staged in the vaults.
What started in 1981 as an alternative fringe event to the more formal Music Festival has evolved over the years into a 17-day extravaganza that virtually takes over the City in early June, following directly after the end of the main festival.

The Old Theatre Royal became a venue for the Fringe in 2013, and will be staging a full programme again in 2016, details of which can be found here.  The events staged cover a wide spectrum from solo music gigs to full theatrical productions in the Main Hall, to intimate one-man shows and stand-up comedy in the Garret Library.

One of the theatrical successes in 2014 was an event called 20:20 Vision, which took over the entire building for two days staging 13 short playlets in different rooms, from outside in the street to the Main Hall; they even staged one in the gents’ loo!  The audience was escorted around in groups to witness each performance in sequence.

The most popular musical performance of 2014 was the Hot Potato Syncopators who staged a Ukelele Ding-Dong.  Having invited their audience to bring their own ‘ukes’ along, they proceded to hold a jam session in the bar after the main event.

fringe@theOTR 2016, sponsored by Sitec Group, will run from 30th May to 11th June, click the poster below for more details.