Guided Tours & Masonic Museum

The Old Theatre Royal is open to the public on selected days each week.  The vaults below the building house the Masonic Museum.  The building has disabled facilities.  These include a wheelchair accessible lift and a Hearing loop.  Therefore, less abled visitors can also participate in the guided tours.

Guided Tours

During the tour, the guide leads visitors through the building and its timeline. They Illustrate the changes the building has undergone and the reasons for them.  They also introduce guests to some of the individuals responsible for those changes.  Tour guides are also members of the masonic lodge themselves.  These members include the current historian and curator of the building.  The tour guides are above all highly knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.

The Edward Gaynor Museum

The Masonic Museum was named after its’ late curator, Edward Gayner.  Gayner spent over 30 years collecting and collating rare Masonic artefacts.  He originally kept the items on the top floor of the building.  In 2009, the trustees moved the museum into the vaults below the building.  The building was then also opened to the public for guided tours.  The guided tours culminate in a visit to the museum.  Here, members of the public get a rare insight into the history of the Masonic Lodge and freemasons in general.


There is a great deal of History in Bath.  Few of its’ buildings can provide such an insight into the city.  The Old Theatre Royal boasts 265 years of history from the Georgian period to the present day.  Most notably, there is a unique blend provided through three periods of ownership. As a result it brings together a diverse range of interests. Consequently covering the development of entertainment, religion and local society.