For this series of short monograms, we delved into our own archives, plus those held in the Bath Records Office and Bath Central Library to find contemporary accounts from people living at the time. We use their own words to illustrate the events.

The following table provides a brief resume of each subject covered so far:

1732One Bottle More!Early Lodge meetings
1747An Entertainment of QualityProposal for a new theatre
1750The Curtain RisesThe St James Theatre opens
1774An Enlarged HouseRefurbishment of The Theatre Royal
1778A New StarSarah Siddons' first performance
1780Reading the Riot ActThe Gordon Riots in Bath
1782Three ReasonsSarah Siddons explains why she is leaving the Company
1792Tea with CecileHome life of one of the congregation
1803A Novel EncounterJane Austen sets a scene
1817School for ScoundrelsA new priest doesn't find what he expected
1819Fraternal SplendourDedication of the first Masonic Hall in Bath
1830A Sermon from the BishopViews of a service at Orchard Street Chapel
1896A Hasty PurchaseReplacing the organ